shopfotostudebakerAt John’s Old School New Skool Barber Shop we specialize in hot lather face and neck shaves. We are the authority on all mens hairstyles from the 20’s through the 60’s and all the kool updated styles.

We pay close attention to detail and a good haircut is not enough for us. We are in the business of giving awesome haircuts and other barber services. We pride ourselves at being barbers, not barber stylists, we are keeping a tradition and craft alive that was taught to us by those who came before us and and those still with us.

If not just for an awesome haircut, those young and not so young will be delighted by our blend of comedy relief or lack thereof. Please come to our barber shop, this is one of the few places where time stands still.   We always have a kind word and gentleman’s welcome for strangers and friends alike.



John Scioli

John Scioli, owner and proprietor of John’s Old School New Skool Barber Shop has over two decades of experience as a barber and is suitably skilled in all facets of mens haircuts from the 1920’s through the 60’s,known for his boyish charms and conversation skills.  John is married to his muse,  “forever love” and beautiful wife Haylie Scioli.  They are blessed with a brilliant 9 year old daughter.

When not cutting hair John is a time traveler and hobby astrophysicist.  He enjoys discussing quantum unification theory and driving his Studebaker looking for off the beaten path eateries and antique stores.


Shawn Burns

Shawn Burns is a very qualified and experienced barber. Shawn is the first barber we ever hired right out of barber school. This kid is sharp and we are pleased to have him working with us. Whether it is a skin fade or a high and tight or a regular old fashioned, Shawn is a barber who will please even the most discerning individuals. Don’t be fooled by Shawn’s youth, his experience speaks volumes. Watch this young man grow here at John’s Old School New Skool Barber Shop

When Shawn is not working in the barber shop he enjoys getting speeding tickets in his dropped VeeDub . During the winter months Shawn loves Snowboarding and getting reckless. Shawn is an avid Video Gamer and self proclaimed king of Madden NFL. When not playing video games and getting speeding tickets, Shawn is very active writing music and following the career of his favorite athlete and hero Derrick Rose. Shawn also own quite a large collection of Ralph Lauren clothing. eloquently and with an air of sophistication.

Bruce Lee Castor III
Director Of Maintenance Engineering

bruce-lee-castorBruce Lee Castor III is the shop helper and maintenance engineer here at John’s Old School New Skool Barber Shop. Bruce is currently a student at Lafayette in Easton PA and is studying government and law and intends to become a lawyer. Bruce works at the barber shop in the summer time and frequent weekends and when he is home from school on breaks. Bruce is responsible for the cleanliness of the barber shop and is always keeping himself busy when he is here. Bruce is a formidable young man with both style and grace and speaks very eloquently and with an air of sophistication.Bruce is also a member of Zeta Psi a very prestigious college fraternity.

When not working in the barber shop or working on his studies Bruce Lee Castor III can be found on the slopes as he loves snowboarding in the winter months and is a well known scenester in Jackson Hole Wyoming amongst the coolest of the world’s snowboarders. Bruce will be a name and a face to watch in the future he is going to astound people in his life. Bruce is also the unofficial spokesman for Sperry-Topsider footwear and is a walking talking fashion icon. As Bruce has been known to say, ” Fashion fades away, style is eternal”.